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VMR Raby Bay memberships

There are two types of Memberships with VMR Raby Bay. The On-Water Assistance (also known as Associate Membership) is below. Click here if you want to be an Active Crew Member

Already a member? Click here to renew!

On-Water Assistance   

We provide a professional service to the boating and island public 365 days a year. For an annual subscription of $77.00 you will be entitled to:

  • Up to three hours of On-Water Assistance per year, currently valued at $500.00.  
  • Refunds for assistance from any other Queensland VMR unit including Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, up to $500. 
  • Seven day, twenty-four hour emergency rescue coverage.  
  • Reduced rates for Marine Radio, navigation and First-Aid courses held at our Raby Bay base.

There are two ways to join our On-Water Assistance.

1. Download this form, print it and fill it out and return it to  PO Box 87, Cleveland, Qld, 4163.


2. Fill the form out online below and click Submit. Then use the PayPal button to pay the $77 membership with your credit card or PayPal account.  (Please note - members cannot claim benefits within the first 24hours of joining)

Radio/s Fitted: